Possible Mophie Juice Pack Design Flaw Indicated by Consumer Complaints
Image: Mophie

Possible Mophie Juice Pack Design Flaw Indicated by Consumer Complaints

NCCC contacted Mophie recently regarding the Mophie Juice Pack. The product has been the subject of 792 consumer complaints since 2011.

The product is an external battery made for 'smart' devices, such as iPhone and Android devices. It is a protective case with an external battery capable or providing additional power for consumers who need extra power on the go.

Consumers are reporting that the device's micro USB charging port is breaking off inside the device with only about two months of use. Nearly half of the consumers who have filed complaints report that their products have either been repaired or replaced by the company two or more times only to have the problem reoccur repeatedly.

NCCC requested as early as July 2012 that Mophie provide an official response to the following questions:

1) Is your company in the process of developing an engineering fix for this product, such as a reinforcement for the charging port?

2) Does your company provide free return shipping for consumers who are experiencing this charging port issue or is return shipping the responsibility of the consumer?

3) Does your company have any plans to help consumers who experiencing this issue repeatedly, even after product repair or replacement and after the one year warranty expires on the original product?

4) Are you able to release the number of repairs or replacements your company has performed for issues relating to faulty charging ports?

The company has never responded to our requests for infomation, nor have they contacted us to say that they are investigating the issue.