Consumer Reports Discovers Potential Safety Issue with Britax Car Seats
Image: Pixabay

Consumer Reports Discovers Potential Safety Issue with Britax Car Seats

November 13, 2014

Consumer Reports issued a safety warning after finding a potential problem with Britax ClickTight car seats.

While reviewing the Britax Boulevard ClickTight and Britax Marathon ClickTight convertible car seats, Consumer Reports staff found that one or both sides of the harness strap had not been fully secured to its lower anchor hook. The seats have not been crash tested by the organization, but the issue raised concerns that the harness could come loose in an accident.

After issuing the warning, Consumer Reports became aware that the Britax Advocate ClickTight may have the same problem.

On the seats the magazine bought for testing, the loop had been pulled over the anchor, but not engaged fully around the hook. This could case the harness loop to pull completely off the anchor during normal use.

Consumer Reports found four complaints on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's complaints database and another in an online owner forum.

The fix, fortunately, is an easy one. Consumer Reports says the five-point harness design allows for repositioning the straps on their anchors to adjust for different-sized children. Following these same directions, parents and caregivers are able to re-secure the harness straps themselves.

Watch this video from Consumer Reports that demonstrates how to check and fix the harness.