Weight-Loss Supplement Contains Unapproved Medication, Says FDA

Weight-Loss Supplement Contains Unapproved Medication, Says FDA
March 27, 2015

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a consumer warning for a weight loss medication that contains an unapproved medication.

An FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that Green Algae Combination by Crane Beauty contains lorcaserin, a controlled substance used for chronic weight management in some overweight or obese adults.

Lorcaserin is an FDA-approved ingredient in Belviq, but is not approved for use in Green Algae Combination. This product was identified by FDA during an examination of international mail shipments.

Lorcaserin may cause psychiatric disturbances and impairments in attention or memory. Also, concomitant use of lorcaserin with certain medications, such as, but not limited to, drugs commonly used to treat depression and migraine, may result in a potentially life-threatening drug interaction.

Health care professionals and patients are encouraged to report adverse events or side effects related to the use of this product to FDA's MedWatch Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program.