Crescent Point Energy is Recalling 118 Million Gallons of Under-Odorized Liquid Propane
Image: NCCC

Crescent Point Energy is Recalling 118 Million Gallons of Under-Odorized Liquid Propane

February 12, 2016

Crescent Point Energy is recalling liquid propane that does not have sufficient levels of odorant.

Propane companies add chemicals to give the gas a distinct smell to help alert people of a gas leak. Without the odorant, it may be difficult to tell if there is a leak, increasing the risk of fire or an explosion.

About 118 million gallons of liquid propane that was sold between 2009 and 2015 is included in this recall.

The gas is used in storage tanks or sold at retail locations for use in portable refillable tanks. This propane was also sold to businesses for commercial and industrial use. The gas was sold and distributed in Arizona, Idaho, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Utah. It was delivered by various companies and sold by various retailers.

Consumers should not attempt to test the propane themselves. Instead, they should immediately contact the retailer, supplier or Crescent Point Energy hotline to arrange for an inspection. If inspection confirms that the propane contains insufficient odorant, Crescent Point Energy will either promptly arrange for appropriate odorization or provide a replacement tank.

Consumers should have carbon monoxide alarms in all homes or other buildings that utilize gas. If consumers do smell even a faint odor of gas or a gas leak, they should immediately leave the building and call 911 or their gas supplier from a neighbor's phone or cell phone outdoors and away from the structure. Do not light a match, turn on a light or switch on anything electrical.

For more information on this recall, contact Crescent Point Energy toll free at (866) 421-4266 or email