Cybex International Recalls Arm Curl Machines Due to Impact Hazard

Cybex International Recalls Arm Curl Machines Due to Impact Hazard
Image: Pixabay
August 25, 2015

Is sculpting your biceps worth risking a swift blow to the face? If you're using a certain piece of workout equipment, you may be faced with this quandary.

Fitness equipment manufacturer Cybex International has issued a recall for its line of arm curl machines due to safety concerns. The swivel handles on the machines in question can break off from the frame, causing users to hit themselves in the face or head, posing an impact injury hazard.

This recall involves four models of exercise machines that allow consumers to use the resistance from the selected weight to perform bicep curls. The user sits on an adjustable seat, selects the amount of weight, and grabs the swivel handles to perform a curl motion towards them. The four models are the VR2 Arm Curl, the VR2TA Arm Curl, the Eagle Arm Curl, and the VR3 Arm Curl.

For a list of the serial numbers included in this recall, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) press release. The serial number is located on the frame tube of the weight stack by the floor.

Cybex is recalling about 4,400 arm curl machines. The firm has received 108 reports of incidents, including 12 reports of injury to users. One injury involved loss of sight to one eye.

The machines were sold at Cybex or by its distributors directly to gyms from November 1996 through October 2008 for between $3,700 and $4,200.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled product and contact the firm for a free repair kit. Cybex is contacting purchasers of the recalled arm curl machines directly. Consumers with questions can reach the company at (888) 678-3846.