Dangerous Drawstrings Lead to Recall of Richie House Jackets

Dangerous Drawstrings Lead to Recall of Richie House Jackets
Image: Pixabay
November 10, 2015

The Belle Investment Corporation is issuing a recall for about 40 Richie House brand boys' jackets.

The recalled jackets have drawstrings in the hood and at the bottom, which pose an entrapment hazard to children. Drawstrings can become entangled or caught on playground slides, hand rails, school bus doors or other moving objects, posing a significant strangulation and/or entanglement hazard to children.

In February 1996, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued guidelines about drawstrings in children's upper outerwear. In 1997, those guidelines were incorporated into a voluntary standard. Then, in July 2011, based on the guidelines and voluntary standard, CPSC issued a federal regulation.

The striped red and purple jacket comes with a drawstring in the hood, and has a crest-shaped emblem sewn onto the front of it. The model number is RH1045C.

The polyester and cotton padded jackets were sold in brown, dark green and red, and have a white drawstring located at the bottom. The jackets have a round emblem sewn onto the front. The model number is RH1332-B or RH1332-C and is printed on the care label.

These items were sold online from April 2015 through October 2015 for about $20.

Consumers should immediately remove the drawstrings from the hood and the bottom of the recalled jackets to eliminate the hazard and contact Richie House for instructions to receive a full refund.

Customers with questions about the recall can contact Richie House by phone at (844) 742-1303 or by email at info@richiehouse.com.