Defective Pool Gate Latches That Come Loose Are Recalled

about 2,500 latches are included in the recall

Defective Pool Gate Latches That Come Loose Are Recalled
Image: NCCC
January 23, 2014

what's being recalled?

Nationwide Industries has issued a recall for roughly 2,500 Trident pool gate latches. The magnet contained in the striker portion of the latch assembly can come loose, preventing the latch from securing a gate.

The recalled magnetic gate latches are 10" or 20" models in black or white. They are marked with the 'Trident' name and image on the face of the latch body below the key hole. The latch body, which is typically attached to a fence post, contains a knob and a key cylinder on the uppermost portion and a recessed area on the bottom portion designed to engage and retain the striker.

The striker, which contains the magnet, is typically attached to the active gate portion of a fence gate assembly, and moves with the gate as it is opened and closed. The Trident Latches are frequently used to secure gates for pools.

where could i buy them?

The recalled pool gate latches were sold nationwide from February 2013 through October 2013 to professional fence contractors, dealers and gate manufacturers.

what should i do?

Consumers should contact Nationwide Industries for a replacement striker kit that can be installed with a Phillips head screwdriver.

For more information on this recall, contact Nationwide Industries toll-free at 800-409-3901.