Are you concerned about your privacy? Do you have a Facebook account? Did you know that Facebook tracks your every move while browsing the internet?

That's right! For quite some time now, Facebook's user tracking hasn't been limited to time spent on the site. Any third-party website or service that's connected to Facebook or that uses a 'Like' button is sending over your information, without your explicit permission.

Whether you're using Facebook apps, just reading an article, listening to a song, or watching a video, you're sending information to Facebook which can then be automatically shared with your friends or added to your profile, all without your consent.

Additionally, tracking cookies are stored on your computer when you use Facebook. What's worse is that the cookies never expire or automatically delete, meaning that even after logging out of Facebook, tracking cookies still know who you are and can continue tracking your web movement.

Facebook engineers claim that they have changed the company's cookie-handling process, but even with the changes, the cookies are still retained and not deleted after logout and still never expire. Your account information is now removed when you log out, but the cookies still contain some non-personal data about your browser and the system you're using.

To protect your privacy when using Facebook, make sure you logout after every use AND clear your web browser's cookies.

View Facebook's current privacy policy.