Diet Pepsi Formula Change to Extend Sweet Taste

Diet Pepsi Formula Change to Extend Sweet Taste
Image: Pixabay

Is it time for a change? While most people would be against changing the formula or recipe, PepsiCo is using a new sweetener for its Diet Pepsi. Most consumers don't even know about the coming change to a product marketed as "Born in the Carolinas."

There is no desire here to change the taste of the product. Instead, the company will add acesulfame-potassium, which will make the flavor of the beverage last much longer.

This same additive is used in many other food and beverage products. And although Pepsi is not hiding the fact that the ingredients are changing, it appears that they are not wanting to make a big announcement either. We can only speculate that doing so might cause consumer backlash.

The company says that the new ingredients will be in very small amounts. This change comes on the heels of several new advertising campaigns with singer Beyoncé, who for $50 million is now a spokeswoman for the brand. It also comes on the heels of a series of back-and-forth ads with the company that makes SodaStream. Recent commercials for SodeStream show consumers using the carbonation machine while plastic soda bottles resembling Pepsi and Coke products explode each time the SodaStream button is pressed. It only makes sense that the big soda manufacturers are fighting back.

It is unsure whether the advertising push and the new additive will bring the company more success in 2013. However, Pepsi spokespeople say that products with the new ingredients will be in stores in vending machines in the coming weeks. Some stores in the United States are already carrying Diet Pepsi with acesulfame-potassium.

Acesulfame-potassium has been approved eight different times by the FDA since 1988 and is deemed safe despite being up to 100 times sweeter than sugar. The ingredient does not store up in the body and is quickly absorbed after consumption.