Distributors of UV Disinfectant Products Settle FTC False Advertising Complaints
Image: Pexels

Distributors of UV Disinfectant Products Settle FTC False Advertising Complaints

August 20, 2015

There's no evidence that two products marketed as ultraviolet light disinfectants actually work, says the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Two companies selling such products have agreed to settlements with the federal regulator, which alleges that the companies marketed the products as devices that kill dangerous bacteria like MRSA, E. coli and salmonella, despite having no scientific evidence to back up those claims.

A $656,400 judgement against Angel Sales has been suspended due to the company's inability to pay. Out of a $629,300 settlement, Zadro Health Solutions will pay about $222,000 in refunds. Both companies are prohibited from using false and unsubstantiated marketing claims for any future products.

Angel Sales and its owners marketed a UV device called the shUVee, which supposedly kept shoes odor and bacteria free using UV light. They claimed the device kills more than 95 percent of germs and fungus, including MRSA, in less than an hour.

The product sold for between $100 and $140 on shuvee.com, skymall.com, amazon.com, and walgreens.com websites and the SkyMall in-flight catalog.

A similar product marketed by Zadro Health Solutions, the Nano-UV device, supposedly killed nearly 100 percent of all targeted bacteria, including E. coli, and salmonella, and the swine flu virus in 10 seconds. Advertising claimed the product was effective at killing germs on numerous surfaces including those in kitchens, nurseries and bathrooms, and on footwear and shower floors.

The wand was sold for between $60 and $160 through national retailer websites, including skymall.com, amazon.com, drugstore.com, target.com, brookstone.com, and wayfair.com, and in catalogs such as SkyMall, Magellan's, Hammacher Schlemmer, and Frontgate.