Don't Get Taken In By the Fake Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon Circulating on Facebook
Image: NCCC

Don't Get Taken In By the Fake Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon Circulating on Facebook

You'll provide personal information and receive nothing in return

May 3, 2017

Another week, another coupon scheme.

Too Good to Be True

A fake Bed Bath & Beyond coupon is circulating on Facebook claiming that customers will receive a significant discount for Mother's Day. The text of the coupon will be similar to this: "Bed Bath & Beyond is giving free $75 Coupon to EVERYONE! to celebrate Mother's Day."

Sound too good to be true? It is.

Bed Bath & Beyond has refuted the validity of the coupon on its official Facebook page. "We know some of our customers are excited about this $75 offer circulating on Facebook. However, we all know some things are too good to be true," it states. "We are sorry for any confusion and disappointment this fake coupon has caused. We are partnering with Facebook to have these coupons removed. Thank you for your understanding!"

Customers who click on the fake offer will be required to enter personal information to get the discount, but they never receive it.

How to Identify Coupon Schemes

The Better Business Bureau offers the following tips for customers hoping to save money with online coupons:

  • Check to see if the coupon is being offered by the retailer or a third party. Think twice before giving personal information to a third party.
  • Offers that pop up on your mobile device or computer are often fake.
  • Always make sure that you understand the fine print.
  • Call the retailer and check to make sure the coupon is real.
  • Monitor your inbox. Fake coupons are sometimes sent by email as well as posted on social media.