Dorel Recalls Infant and Child Restraints

Dorel Recalls Infant and Child Restraints
Image: Pixabay

Dorel Juvenile Group has announced the recall of several infant and child restraints that fail to conform to federal safety requirements. The restraints were sold without the separate seat base that contains the required latch attachment assembly. Without that assembly, the seat may be more difficult to secure properly and may not provide adequate protection in the event of a crash.

The recall affects the Comfy Carry DJG / IC123FSM and the Onboard 35 DJG / IC124FSM.

Dorel will notify registrated owners and provide them with bases which include the required latch system at no cost. Non-registered owners should contact Dorel at 1-877-416-8111.

NCCC recommends all consumers register all childrens products. The information provided cannot by law be used for marketing purposes.