Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Risk of Overheating Recalled

Schneider Electric is recalling certain EVlink electric vehicle charging stations manufactured from December 6, 2012 through March 17, 2013.

The model numbers of the EVlink charging stations included in this recall are: EV230PDRACG, EV230PDRACNG, EV230PDRACGC, EV230PSRACG, EV230PSRACNG, EV230PSRACGC, EV230WDRACG, EV230WDRACNG, EV230WS, EV230PDR, EV230PDRR, EV230PSR, EV230PSRR, EV230WSR, and EV230WSRR.

In these units, the electric vehicle charging station's charger plug pin connectors may overheat, subsequently melting the thermoplastic casing around the pin connectors.

In some cases, the generated heat is sufficient enough to cause damage to the car inlet, and/or damage to the charging station plug. This condition also may present a danger of burn if the user has direct contact with the overheated portion of the casing.

Schneider Electric will notify the owners of all affected EVlink charging stations and a Schneider Electric representative or trained electrical contractor will install a new cord-set free of charge.

For more information on this recall, contact Schneider Electric toll-free at 877-283-7647.