Faulty Arms in Wheelchair Lifts Lead to Recall from Ricon
Image: Pixabay

Faulty Arms in Wheelchair Lifts Lead to Recall from Ricon

September 23, 2015

A company specializing in wheelchair accessibility is issuing a recall for several products.

The Ricon Corporation is recalling numerous models of its wheelchair lifts due to a defect in the folding link arms. The announcement lists 38,000 model S2005, S2010, S5005, S5010, S5505, and S5510 lifts as subject to the recall.

In affected models, the folding link arms may have pivot holes that allow too much space, which allows the bearings to move out of position. If this happens, the stowed platform may have excessive movement resulting in failure of the platform mounting. This failure could cause the wheel chair lift platform to fall out of the vehicle when the doors are opened, increasing the risk of injury for the lift operator.

Ricon will notify the purchasers of the lifts, and dealers will inspect the link arms for damage or for displaced bearings. The platform will be inspected for cracks. Any damaged parts will be replaced, free of charge. The manufacturer has not yet provided a notification schedule.

Owners with questions can contact Ricon Customer Service at (800) 322-2884.