Federal Organization Will Train Caseworkers in Financial Management

Federal Organization Will Train Caseworkers in Financial Management
August 08, 2014

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) rolled out a new online toolkit that will train social services staff to assist their clients with financial education.

Your Money, Your Goals is intended to help low-to-moderate income reach their financial goals by working with the caseworkers to whom they are already assigned. The program will help individuals with budgeting daily expenses, managing debt and avoiding financial tricks and traps.

Caseworkers will be able to help their clients learn financial decision-marketing skills and to help them avoid the kinds of financial missteps that could erase any progress they have made. This is expected to lead to better chances of individuals keeping secure housing, staying in school and landing a job.

The CFPB will be working with several organizations, including Catholic Charities USA, AmeriCorps and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, that have set a goal of training at least 500 staff members in the Your Money, Your Goals program.

The program was tested through a pilot launch last fall that introduced it to 1,400 case managers from 26 organizations in 21 states.

The toolkit is available online at consumerfinance.gov/your-money-your-goals.