Feds Investigating Possible Airbag Defect in Jeep Wrangler Vehicles
Image: FCA Group

Feds Investigating Possible Airbag Defect in Jeep Wrangler Vehicles

June 24, 2015

Following receipt of more than 220 vehicle owner complaints, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened a new investigation into certain Jeep Wrangler vehicles.

According to NHTSA's Office of Defects Investigation (ODI), an estimated 630,000 left hand drive Jeep Wranglers could be impacted by this investigation, including model year 2007-2012 Wrangler, 2007-2009 Wrangler 2-door 4x4, Wrangler 4-door 4x2 and Wrangler 4-door 4x4, as well as 2007 Wrangler Sahara vehicles.

According ODI, the subject Wrangler vehicles display an airbag warning light that may indicate a failure of the clockspring wiring in the driver side airbag circuit.

Several of the owner complaints cite the diagnostic trouble code "Code B1B02 Open Squib to driver's airbag." ODI says that this trouble code would indicate a no-fire condition (disablement) for the driver side airbag.

ODI previously investigated model year 2008-2012 Jeep Wrangler right hand drive vehicles for a clockspring issue, which eventually led to the recall of approximately 5,440 Wrangler vehicles. In that case, ODI found that the airbag clockspring assemblies on the affected Wrangler vehicles could experience broken circuits. Subsequently, in the event of a crash necessitating airbag deployment, a broken electrical circuit in the airbag clockspring wiring assembly could lead to non-deployment of the driver side frontal airbag.

In the case of the left hand drive Wrangler vehicles currently under investigation, ODI will examine the scope, frequency, and potential safety-related consequences of the alleged defect. If a defect is found to be present, a new recall of all affected vehicles could be issued.

The vehicle owner complaints referenced above can be viewed at SaferCar.gov.