February 09, 2015

Think twice before responding to an email coming from a USA.gov email address.

Scammers are using the USA.gov name as part of an email phishing scam to collect your personal information on a fake IRS website.

If you receive one of these emails, it's most likely fake. USA.gov will never contact you to request your personal information.

Phishing websites often look legitimate so if you aren't sure, do some homework.

Double check any offers or demands in the email by contacting the agency mention in the claim. If the IRS is claiming to need your address and social security, call the IRS office using a verified contact number other than the one listed in the email. A complete list can be found here.

The IRS will never contact you via phone or email for information. IRS personnel use postal mail in order to have a paper records of official correspondence with tax payers.

All tax-related phishing email should be forwarded to the IRS at phishing@IRS.gov.

Report all other government imposter phishing email scams to the Federal Trade Commission.