Few North Carolinians Were Affected by the Recent Quest Diagnostics Hack
Image: Pixabay

Few North Carolinians Were Affected by the Recent Quest Diagnostics Hack

An unauthorized third party accessed client information in November

December 13, 2016

Medical information for relatively few North Carolinians was stolen in the November 26 data breach of laboratory operator Quest Diagnostics, reports The News & Observer.

According to Quest spokeswoman Kim Gorode, out of the approximately 34,000 people whose names, birth dates, lab results, and, in some instances, telephone numbers were stolen, only 110 hail from North Carolina. She said that officials have issued letters to the affected individuals notifying them that their information had been stolen.

The company specializes in medical tests for patients who have conditions such as diabetes, allergies, and heart disease.

Quest stated in a Monday release that an "unauthorized third party" had accessed client information in November, but that the information that was stolen from its online portal system did not include Social Security numbers, credit card accounts, insurance details, or any other financial information.

Gorode said that Florida was the state with the most customers affected at 11,436.

A company release said that Quest immediately addressed the vulnerability when the breach was found.

According to Gorode, the company has informed the FBI of the hack and is continuing to investigate the identity of the hacker.

"We've also hired a cyber security firm to find out what happened in this breach and help prevent future breaches," she said.

She also stated that the portal targeted by the hackers contains information about more than three million people. The company's website says that it serves one out of three adult Americans each year and employs 43,000 people.

Quest Diagnostics has locations in every state, including six in Raleigh and one location each in Durham and Chapel Hill, its website claims.

The company has set up a phone number for consumers who are concerned about the breach where they can learn more information. That number is (888) 320-9970.