Foreclosure Prevention Resource for North Carolina Homeowners

Foreclosure Prevention Resource for North Carolina Homeowners
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Do you qualify for the for the North Carolina Foreclosure Prevention Fund? The N.C. Foreclosure Prevention Fund offers a Mortgage Payment Program to North Carolina homeowners who are struggling to make their mortgage payments due to job loss through no fault of their own or other temporary financial hardship, such as a divorce, serious illness, or death of a co-signor.

You may be eligible if:

1. you own the home, the home is in North Carolina, and the home is your primary residence;
2. you currently owe no more than $300,000 on all your mortgages;
3. you have lost your job or experienced a reduction in income through no fault of your own, or are facing a temporary financial hardship such as a divorce, serious illness, or death of a co-signor and need to find new employment;
4. you experienced your job loss or temporary financial hardship after January 1, 2008;
5. you have an acceptable mortgage payment history prior to your recent unemployment or income loss;
6. you demonstrate an ability to resume your mortgage payment once assistance ends; and
7. you are a legal U.S. resident.

You can complete this form to determine if you are eligible to apply.

Alternatively, you can check out one of these other programs:

Mortgage Payment Program - offers zero-interest loans of up to $36,000 to pay your mortgage and other related expenses for up to 36 months. The loan can also be used to bring mortgage payments current.

State Home Foreclosure Prevention Project - If you are facing foreclosure for any reason and you have received a 45-day, pre-foreclosure notice, you may be eligible for assistance from the State Home Foreclosure Prevention Project. There are no credit restrictions for this help. If you have received a foreclosure help letter from the N.C. Housing Finance Agency, call 1-888-442-8188.