FTC Mailing $26 Million in Refund Checks to 478,000 Sensa Customers
Image: Pexels

FTC Mailing $26 Million in Refund Checks to 478,000 Sensa Customers

December 10, 2014

Watch your mailbox! About 478,000 people will be getting a little cash in the mail courtesy of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing about $26 million worth of refund checks to customers who used the weight-loss supplement Sensa. The refunds are part of a January 2014 settlement between the company and the FTC, which charged that the makers of the supplement used deceptive and false advertising.

The makers of Sensa claimed users could lose weight just by sprinkling the supplement on their food, but did not have any scientific evidence to back up this claim. Users paid $59 for a one-month supply.

Defendants in the settlement also failed to disclose that they paid endorsers for promoting the process and controlled a purportedly independent study. Sensa's inventor also deceptively endorsed the product and provided others with tools to continue the deception.

Redress administrator Epiq Systems, Inc., will mail refund checks to eligible consumers this week. The average amount each consumer will receive is $54, but may differ based on how much they lost. The checks must be cashed within 60 days of the date they are issued. The FTC never requires consumers to pay money or provide information before redress checks can be cashed.

Consumers who bought Sensa can still file a complaint with the FTC, but no additional refunds are available at this time. The hotline for consumers who want to contact the redress administrator is 1-800-420-2914. The FTC's website also has more information about the refunds.