Hackers Gain Access to Payment Card and Reservation Information at Trump Hotels
Image: NCCC

Hackers Gain Access to Payment Card and Reservation Information at Trump Hotels

The criminals attacked Sabre Hospitality Solutions, one of Trump Hotel’s service providers

July 12, 2017

Trump Hotels has announced that hackers were able to gain access to customers' payment card and reservation information by attacking one of the business's service providers.

The Attack

According to Trump Hotels, the criminals hacked the systems of Sabre Hospitality Solutions, one of which is used to facilitate consumers' booking of hotel reservations through the hotels themselves, online travel agencies, and other booking services.

Upon investigating, Sabre found that the hack first accessed payment card and reservation data related to Trump Hotels on August 10, 2016. The last access took place on March 09, 2017. Sabre informed the hotel chain about the incident on June 05, 2017.

The Information Affected

Trump Hotels states that the hackers gained access to payment card information for some hotel reservations, information that included cardholder names, payment card numbers, card expiration dates, and possibly card security codes. In some instances, the hackers were also able to see guest names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and other information. Sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, passport information, and driver's license numbers were not affected.

The Action Being Taken

"We are working with Sabre to address this issue," stated Trump Hotels. "We understand that Sabre engaged a leading cybersecurity firm to support its investigation. Sabre indicated that they also notified law enforcement and the payment card brands about this incident."

Recommended Action for Consumers

Consumers should monitor their account statements and credit reports for any unauthorized activity, as such activity could signal incidents of fraud and identity theft. Anyone who sees unauthorized activity should report it to their financial institutions immediately in order to avoid responsibility for paying the fraudulent charges.

Affected consumers are also encouraged to contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or law enforcement authorities such as the attorney general for their state.

For more information, consumers can reach Trump Hotels at (800) 447-6105.