Hino Motor Sales Recalls 6,000 NE8J and NF8J Trucks

Hino Motor Sales Recalls 6,000 NE8J and NF8J Trucks
Image: NCCC
January 7, 2014

Hino Motor Sales U.S. A. Inc. is recalling approximately 6,000 model year 2011-2014 NE8J and NF8J trucks.

In the affected vehicles, components of the parking brake handle assembly may wear resulting in either the parking brake unexpectedly releasing when engaged or preventing the parking brake from fully engaging.

Either parking brake condition may result in the vehicle rolling unexpectedly, increasing the risk of a crash.

The owners of all recalled vehicles will be notified by Hino. When the necessary parts become available, dealers will install a newly designed parking brake lever assembly, free of charge.

Until parts are available, dealers will, as an interim measure, install a larger washer on the parking brake cable at the parking brake handle assembly.

For additional information on this recall, contact Hino Motor Sales at 248-699-9330.