Honda Expands Takata Airbag Recall Bringing Total to about 5.5 Million Vehicles

Honda Expands Takata Airbag Recall Bringing Total to about 5.5 Million Vehicles
Image: Honda
March 19, 2015

Honda has expanded its recall for cars with defective airbags, bringing the number up to about 5.5 million cars and SUVs.

The recall includes nearly 89,000 model year 2008 Honda Pilot SUVs, a model that, up until now, hadn't been recalled. Honda also included 11,000 2004 Civics and 5,000 2001 Accords for a total of about 105,000 vehicles.

The cars are equipped with Takata airbags, which have exploded upon impact, injuring dozens and killing at least five people.

Previously, Honda and other automakers limited the recall to areas with high absolute humidity, like Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama, since initial investigations found that the propellant seems to become unstable in this type of climate.

The recall for driver-side airbags was expanded nationwide following reports of exploding airbags in California and North Carolina, which were outside of the recall area. Passenger-side airbags are still being recalled regionally.

More than 17 million cars have been recalled in the U.S. , most of them made by Honda.

The recall comes as Tataka continues to rack up fines for not cooperating with a federal investigation. The company is being fined $14,000 per day by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and as of Thursday, Takata's total was $392,000.

The Associated Press reports that 10 automakers have hired rocket scientists to determine a cause of the explosions.

With replacement parts scarce, Honda will notify owners over time as parts become available.

For more information, owners can contact Honda customer service at 1-800-999-1009.