Households Begin Receiving Census Questionnaires for National Content Test

Households Begin Receiving Census Questionnaires for National Content Test
Image: Pixabay
September 25, 2015

Did you get a questionnaire for the 2015 National Content Test? Considering all the scams we warn our readers about, it could sound a bit sketchy. We're happy to inform you that it is not a scam.

About 1.2 million households will start receiving this questionnaire, which helps determine the best questions for the 2020 Census. Like the Census, recipients are legally required to respond.

The Census Bureau sent the questionnaires to a statistically representative sample of households in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Each questionnaire asks how many people live in the house, each person's name, sex, age, relationship, and race and ethnic origin. It also asks whether the housing unit is owned or rented. The respondent's telephone number and email address is also required. Different households will receive different versions of the question wording in order to study its effectiveness.

The Bureau will also try different strategies for encouraging households to respond to the census on their own. They will test nine different approaches to encourage households to respond via the internet, which is the least costly and efficient option.

The 2015 National Content Test is scheduled to run through November 2015.

While your participation is mandatory, a legitimate questionnaire will not ask for money or other personal financial information like your bank account number. If you're unsure if the questionnaire you have is legitimate, you can call the Bureau at (866) 226-2836 for assistance.