Hyundai Issues Recall of 5,650 Sonata Vehicles

Hyundai Issues Recall of 5,650 Sonata Vehicles
Image: Hyundai
July 29, 2014

Hyundai Motor Company has announced the recall of approximately 5,650 model year 2015 Sonata vehicles manufactured between April 25, 2014 and June 16, 2014.

Due to a manufacturing error, one or both of the front brake calipers on the recalled Sonata vehicles may fracture.

If a brake caliper fractures, brake effectiveness would be reduced, lengthening to distance required to stop the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash.

Hyundai contacted the affected owners on June 19, 2014 and instructed them not to drive their vehicles. Hyundai dealers will replace the affected brake calipers free of charge.

For additional information on this recall, contact Hyundai Customer Service toll-free at (800) 633-5151. Hyundai's reference number for this recall is 120.