Hyundai Recalls Genesis Vehicles Due to Brake Fluid Issue

about 43,500 vehicles are included in hyundai's recall

Hyundai Recalls Genesis Vehicles Due to Brake Fluid Issue
Image: Hyundai
November 5, 2013

what's being recalled?

Hyundai is recalling 43,500 model year 2009-2012 Genesis vehicles manufactured from April 30, 2008 through March 28, 2012.

what's the problem?

The vehicles may contain brake fluid which does not protect against corrosion of the Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit (HECU).

If the module corrodes, reduced brake effectiveness may result, increasing the risk of a crash.

next steps

Hyundai will notify the owners of all affected vehicles and instruct them to bring their vehicle to a dealer for service. For vehicles manufactured prior to June 01, 2010, dealers will change the brake fluid and inspect the HECU, repairing it as necessary. For vehicles manufactured after June 01, 2010 dealers will flush the HECU assembly and brake system and change the brake fluid. These repairs will be done free of charge.

For more information on this recall, contact Hyundai toll-free at 800-633-5151. Hyundai's campaign ID number for this recall is 114.