Keep Your Child's Personal Information Safe this Holiday Season

Keep Your Child's Personal Information Safe this Holiday Season
Image: Pixabay
December 10, 2015

Children may not have much buying power, but they are often victims of identity theft. It is especially important to keep your child's information safe during the holiday season when children will receive electronic toys and software as gifts.

As we found with toy company VTech, toy manufacturers might be experts in fun things for children, but security pros they are not. In November, data on about 6.4 million children and about 4.9 million parents were accessed by a hacker who told one news outlet that they had no intentions of using the information.

Information like children's names and birthdays, parents' email addresses, passwords, and security questions was easily obtained by the hacker, though it's unclear if other hackers with bad intentions already accessed the data.

If you register toys, games, and other items received as gifts during the holidays, The North Carolina Attorney General's Office has some take steps to keep your children's information safe:

  • Avoid sharing children's personal information like their home address, phone number, and social security numbers.
  • Don't use the same password for more than one account, and change passwords periodically.
  • When using social media, share information about yourself and your children carefully.
  • Talk to your children about what information they should and should not share when setting up an account or using a toy or device that allows them to communicate with others.
  • Consider getting a security freeze to protect your children's credit from fraud. Under North Carolina law, parents will be able to request security freezes for their children beginning January 1, 2016.

Let the North Carolina Attorney General's Office know about data breaches or potential identity thefts.