Latest Ford Recalls Involve about 82,340 Late-Model Vehicles

Latest Ford Recalls Involve about 82,340 Late-Model Vehicles
Image: Ford
December 15, 2014

About 82,340 Ford vehicles are affected by three separate recalls issued by the carmaker this week.

All three recalls affect late-model vehicles, including model year 2014 and 2015 cars, trucks and cargo vans. Ford will notify affected owners with more information about scheduling a free repair with a local dealership.

Model(s): 2014-2015 Ford Fusion, 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid, 2015 Ford Fusion Energi
Number Affected: 56,480
Problem: The ignition key can be removed when the transmission isn't in park, increasing the risk of the car rolling away.
Remedy: Dealers will repair the vehicles, free of charge.

Model(s): 2014 F-150
Number Affected: 620
Problem: The affected vehicles may have a brake pedal position switch that is improperly adjusted. As a result, the brake lights may illuminate with a delay or not at all.
Remedy: Dealers will adjust the brake pedal position switch, free of charge. Until the vehicle has been remedied, owners are advised not to use their cruise control system.

Model(s): 2014 Transit Connect
Number Affected: 25,240
Problem: The fuel and vapor lines may have been incorrectly installed in the engine compartment, allowing the two lines to make contact. This increases the risk of a fuel leak and could result in a fire.
Remedy: Dealers will inspect the fuel line routing. If necessary, it will be replaced and routed correctly, free of charge.

For more any information on any of these recalls, owners can contact Ford customer service at (866) 436-7332.