Manufacturers Issue Recalls for Faulty Ricon Wheelchair Lifts
Image: Pixabay

Manufacturers Issue Recalls for Faulty Ricon Wheelchair Lifts

December 15, 2015

Defective wheelchair lifts from the Ricon Corporation have led to recalls from several auto manufacturers.

The affected lifts are equipped with folding link arms that may have pivot holes that are too big, allowing the bearings to move out of position. The potentially dangerous models are the S2005, S2010, S5005, S5010, S5505, and S5510.

If the bearings move out of position, the stowed platform may have excessive movement resulting in failure of the platform mounting. This failure could cause the wheel chair lift platform to fall out of the vehicle when the doors are opened, increasing the risk of injury for the lift operator.

For each recall, the manufacturer will notify owners, and Ricon dealers will inspect the link arms for damage or for displaced bearings. The platform will be inspected for cracks. Any damaged parts will be replaced, free of charge.


  • Forest River: 5,675 model year 2006-2014 Elkhart ECII transit buses
  • Forest River: 1,001 model year 2006-2014 Starcraft Xpress, Starquest, Starlite, Allstar, Allstar XL, MVP, Ultrastar, and XLT transit buses
  • Forest River: 813 model year 2006-2014 Glaval Universal, Primetime, Sport, Titan, and Titan II transit buses
  • Forest River: 43 model year 2006-2014 Starcraft Prodigy and Quest school buses
  • Micro Bird: 222 model year 2006-2014 MBII, G5, and T-Series school buses
  • Micro Bird: 25 model year 2006-2014 MB II, G5, and CT-Series transit buses
  • New England Wheels: 275 model year 2006-2014 Ford E-250, and E-350 cargo vans
  • Coach & Equipment: 2,029 model year 2006-2014 Alley Cat, Condor LT, Metro Lite, Pegasus, and Phoenix transit buses
  • Kingmor Supply: 240 model year 2005-2014 IC CE school buses
  • Gillig LLC: 4 Ricon Model S5510 Wheelchair lifts (sold through the Gillig aftermarket parts department)

Recall Dates

  • Forest River: January 12, 2016
  • Micro Bird: December 2015
  • New England Wheels: December 2015
  • Coach & Equipment: December 2015
  • Kingmor Supply: No specified date
  • Gillig LLC: January 15, 2016


  • Ricon: (800) 322-2884
  • Forest River (Elkhart ECII): (574) 264-5179 extension 102
  • Forest River (Starcraft Xpress, etc.): (800) 348-7440
  • Forest River (Glaval Universal, etc.): (574) 343-5184
  • Forest River (Starcraft Prodigy, etc.): (800) 348-7440
  • Micro Bird: (819) 477-2012
  • New England Wheels: (800) 866-9247
  • Coach & Equipment: (800) 724-8464
  • Kingmor Supply: (800) 782-4474
  • Gillig LLC: (800) 735-1500