Governor Easley: NC Senior Care Program to Expand

the new program will give an added benefit to those over 65

Governor Easley: NC Senior Care Program to Expand
Image: Pixabay

Last week Governor Easley announced a dramatic increase in the benefit provided through the NC Senior Care Program, and an expansion of eligibility for this program.

what changes should we expect?

The new program will provide a $1,200 benefit for the rest of this year for any consumer age 65 and above with an annual income of less than $23,275 for an individual, and $31,225 for a married applicant. Any unused portion of the benefit can be carried over to 2005. There will be an additional $1,200 benefit for calendar year 2005. For a consumer to receive the maximum benefit this year, they need to apply for enrollment by November 15, 2005.

what does this mean for prescription costs?

The new program has no restrictions on covered drugs based on diagnosis — all conditions will be covered. Most enrollees will pay a 10% co-payment for each prescription (enrollees with incomes at or below $9,310/year for an individual and $12,490/year for a married person will pay a 5% co-payment per prescription).

want more info?

To get more information about the new Enhanced Senior Care program, please call 1-866-226-1388 for an enrollment packet and detailed description of the benefits.