NCCC Introduces Two Major Changes to NC Lemon Law
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NCCC Introduces Two Major Changes to NC Lemon Law

the changes were announced in the NC General Assembly on April 18th, 2005

Changes to NC Lemon Law spearheaded by NCCC were introduced in the NC General Assembly on April 18th, 2005.

NCCC members, in earlier surveys, supported consumer-friendly changes to NC Lemon Law.

There are two major changes to the law: a vehicle weight clarification was given to make it harder for the manufacturers of large SUVs, specifically Ford Motor Co., to deny a Lemon Law claim based upon a vehicle's weight; and a change to promote faster settlements by manufacturers when a consumer requests a repurchase. In its current form, the law requires consumers to pay hefty mileage deductions to the manufacturer as of the date of repurchase. The manufacturers drag the cases out for months at a time hoping you go away. If you don't go away, their losses are cut because you have to pay for more mileage. The new law would read that the consumer pays a mileage deduction up to the point when the consumer reports the FIRST defect in the vehicle.

NCCC Executive Director Brad Lamb says the changes will help all consumers with a Lemon Law claim. "As an attorney, I've dealt with Lemon Law claims," says Lamb. "When you make a claim, you are ignored because they know the longer you wait to get a refund, the less your refund will be. If this new bill passes into law, the consumer's refund will be the same no matter how long they take to buy it back."

Lamb also added, when asked about the weight clarification, "Now these car companies that make these monstrous SUVs cannot hide behind the weight limit loophole imposed in our law. They'll be forced to do what they should have been doing all along."