Quality of Popular mophie Juice Pack Products Questionable
Image: Mophie

Quality of Popular mophie Juice Pack Products Questionable

NCCC is urging caution to consumers regarding mophie Juice Pack products.

Mophie, a self-described "award-winning designer and manufacturer of mobile intelligent devices and accessories," manufactures and sells a range of accessories for smart phones and other portable electronic devices, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Samsung Galaxy.

The mophie Juice Pack is a portable battery case that offers a protective phone covering and additional battery life. The Juice Pack is compatible with a number of smart phones, though the product appears to be primarily marketed toward iPhone users.

The quality of the Juice Pack products first came into question more than a year ago when NCCC began receiving consumer complaints regarding everything from poor product design and construction to unacceptable customer service. In all, NCCC is aware of more than 800 consumer complaints relating to the mophie Juice Pack since 2011.

"The Juice Pack is obviously a very popular smart phone accessory, but one with which many consumers are having some major issues," said Sandra Bullock, NCCC President. "Many of the consumers who have told us their stories have had their products replaced as many as three or four times within a single year. As such, NCCC feels compelled to get to the bottom of the matter."

According to Bullock, the vast majority of the complaints center around the Juice Pack's micro USB charging port, which consumers say is breaking off inside the device with as little as one month of use. Nearly half of the complainants report that their products have either been repaired or replaced, only to have the same problem reoccur.

"It appears that the charging port in question is extremely delicate, held on by only two pieces of solder," continued Bullock. "Two specific Juice Pack devices that we have examined show no signs of external damage, yet the charging port is disconnected inside the product and the device does not charge."

NCCC has written a number of times to mophie since July 2012, but to date has been unsuccessful in receiving a response. Calls to the mophie customer service number are met with assurances that the appropriate person responsible for answering our questions will contact us shortly. There has yet to be any response.

Bullock says that NCCC would like to know if mophie is in the process of developing any kind of engineering fix for the repeated charging port issue with the Juice Pack battery case. Will the company provide free return shipping for consumers who experience repeated problems with the product, or is it yet an additional cost that the consumer will have to incur? What is a consumer who has had repeated repairs or replacements over the course of the one year warranty to do when the product fails yet again after the warranty has expired?

While NCCC waits for answers, Bullock recommends that consumers "thoroughly research" the mophie Juice Pack before making a purchase.