NCDOT Seeks Citizen Feedback in First-Ever Customer Survey

NCDOT Seeks Citizen Feedback in First-Ever Customer Survey
Image: Pexels
May 15, 2015

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) began mailing out the department's first-ever customer survey this week.

Randomly selected citizens will receive a paper copy in the mail in the coming week to help the department find out what North Carolina residents think about various NCDOT services. Additional citizen feedback will be collected online.

This survey's purpose is to gauge how the department is doing in terms of providing great customer service. Participation in the survey can help NCDOT identify ways to make North Carolina transportation services safer, more efficient and more customer focused.

The survey will be conducted annually moving forward, and the results will be used as the basis for measuring the department's performance in the area of customer service.

Mailed surveys must be returned to NCDOT by mid-June. The online survey will close on June 12.

The results will be available for the public to review on this September.