NHTSA Reduces Number of Vehicles Named in Takata Recall

NHTSA Reduces Number of Vehicles Named in Takata Recall
Image: NCCC
September 2, 2015

Good news hasn't been common for Takata over the past couple of years, but the Japanese manufacturer did receive some positive information this week.

Last month, Takata agreed with a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) order to recall 30 million vehicles equipped with potentially fatal airbags. However, after another NHTSA analysis, the agency is reducing that total to just 19.2 million, according to Consumerist. The decision is based on information provided by 11 automakers who use Takata products in their vehicles.

Officials with the agency say that the previous faulty figure was a consequence of "double-counting", and said that the total could fluctuate in the future.

Additionally, NHTSA is in the process of conducting a review of the Coordinated Remedy Plan recently proposed by Takata. The agency has consulted with the affected automakers, as well as other airbag manufacturers.

NHTSA has also completed its own testing of Takata inflators. "Preliminary results are broadly consistent with data from Takata, including Takata's findings on the risk associated with vehicles from high-humidity geographic areas," the agency said in a written statement.