North Carolina Gets a New Interstate Highway with I-495 Designation

North Carolina Gets a New Interstate Highway with I-495 Designation
image: Pixabay
December 12, 2013

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and Transportation Secretary Tony Tata announced today that U.S. 64 between I-440 in Raleigh and I-95 in Rocky Mount has been added to the interstate highway system.

The section of U.S. 64/264 between I-440 and I-540 on the east side of Raleigh will have the I-495 designation, while the stretch of U.S. 64 between I-540 and I-95 will be designated Future I-495.

"This designation is critical to further economic development in the region,"Governor McCrory told Regional Transportation Alliance (RTA) members. "We can now tell businesses who want to locate to the area that they will have a future interstate connection to the vital I-95 corridor."

"This designation is an important part of our future vision for transportation in North Carolina and is key to promoting job creation and aligning our infrastructure with commerce activity," Secretary Tata said.

The section of U.S. 64 between I-440 and I-540 currently meets interstate standards and will be signed as I-495. The remaining stretch between I-540 and I-95 will be signed as Future I-495 until NCDOT widens the inside and outside shoulders to meet interstate standards.

This work will be done as part of future reconstruction activities along the route. This is the normal process when an existing highway is upgraded to interstate status.