North Carolina is Officially Drought-Free

North Carolina is Officially Drought-Free
Image: Pixabay

For the first time in two years, the entire state of North Carolina is officially drought-free thanks to a steady dose of recent rainfall.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources says the substantial rain received in eastern North Carolina from the remnants of tropical storm Beryl helped to eliminate any remaining drought conditions.

Thirty six North Carolina counties are still considered to be in the 'abnormally dry' category.

While the recent rainfall has helped to bring relief to surface water and topsoil, there still remains a deeper groundwater deficit in many areas of the state. Still, many cities and towns across the state have made the decision to lift any water restrictions for the time being.

With a forecast for a wetter than normal June, this trend should continue; though as any meteorologist will tell you, rainfall in the summer months is anything but reliable.

According to state climatologist Ryan Boyles, "winter climate conditions can be predicted several months in advance due to factors such as La Niña … but summer seasonal conditions are not currently predictable, and the upcoming summer is just as likely to be dry as wet."