North Carolina's Quick Pass and Georgia's Peach Pass Now Interchangeable
Image: Pixabay

North Carolina's Quick Pass and Georgia's Peach Pass Now Interchangeable

November 12, 2014

North Carolina Drivers who have a NC Quick Pass transponder for their vehicles can now use their device to pay for traveling on the I-85 Express Lanes near Atlanta, as well as any future toll roads that accept the Georgia Peach Pass transponder.

Thanks to a new interoperability agreement reached between North Carolina, Georgia and Florida, owners of toll transponders in each of those states to use them when traveling in the other two. NC Quick Pass has had such an agreement with Florida and its SunPass system since July 2013.

This is North Carolina's third such transponder partnership, giving the state's Quick Pass customers the largest coverage area of interoperability in the nation. A similar arrangement exists between Quick Pass and EZ Pass, which operates in 15 states in the eastern half of the country.

"This is another example of strong collaboration across several states to improve travel and enhance customer service," said N.C. Department of Transportation Secretary Tony Tata. "Expanding the reach of Quick Pass will give our customers access to key highways in the southeast, improving their travel experience in those states."

The I-85 Express Lanes cover a 16-mile stretch of I-85 north of Atlanta, featuring variable toll rates, dependent on the traffic congestion. The result is faster travel times in exchange for the toll, even during times of heavy congestion on the general purpose lanes.

Peach Pass customers will now be able to use the Triangle Expressway outside Raleigh and any future toll roads in North Carolina, with the payment directly billed to their Peach Pass account. This convenience is already in place when SunPass customers use the Triangle Expressway.

In Florida, the interoperability agreement allows Quick Pass transponders to be used in the SunPass-only lanes for more 700 miles of toll highways and bridges, including in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg and Fort Myers.