Oracle's Point-of-Sale Payment Systems Division Hacked by Cybercriminals
Image: Pixabay

Oracle's Point-of-Sale Payment Systems Division Hacked by Cybercriminals

The hack affects 700 computer systems at Micros, Oracle's point-of-sale payment systems division

August 8, 2016

Cybercriminals from Russia have hacked into Micros, the division of Oracle responsible for the company's point-of-sale (POS) payment systems.

700 computer systems have been affected to date, though it is believed that infiltration originally occurred on a single computer.

It is possible that payment data is at risk due to the hack. PC World reports that Oracle shared an undated letter with IDG News Service in which "the company said it had 'detected and addressed malicious code in certain legacy Micros systems.' The letter said payment card data is encrypted 'both at rest and in transit' in the Micros system."

Oracle says that it has notified Micros customers and that it has "implemented additional security measures" to prevent the incident from happening again, though it did not specify those measures. The company is now requiring all Micros customers to change their passwords, as well as the passwords for accounts used by Micros representatives in accessing its payment systems.

Oracle is one of the largest vendors of POS payment systems in the world. Upon acquiring Micros in 2014, the company claimed that Micros systems were used at more than 330,000 sites in 180 countries.