Owners Claim Fibers in Pedigree Dog Food are Making Their Pets Sick
Image: Pixabay

Owners Claim Fibers in Pedigree Dog Food are Making Their Pets Sick

August 19, 2015

Pedigree is the latest pet food brand to come under fire from concerned owners who say the food made their dogs sick.

Pet owners are reporting that their dogs haven't been quite themselves or have become seriously ill after eating kibble containing clear, wiry, string-like fibers. The company claims that the fibers are harmless natural animal fibers, but pet owners aren't convinced.

Some owners, like Krystle Fayek, contacted news outlets after finding the fibers. Detroit's WXYZ reported that Fayek became concerned after seeing a Facebook post from another owner. Sure enough her dogs' food also contained the mysterious fibers.

Fayek claims that while she has always fed her dog Pedigree, her dogs haven't been acting the same since switching to a chicken recipe a few months ago. The dogs weren't as active and were eating less, she says.

As new outlets began picking up the story, more concerned pet owners voiced their concerns with Pedigree either by phone, email, or social media page.

Facebook user Cindy Ramirez wrote,

I bought my dog a bag of your small dog chicken flavored dry food. A few days later she was throwing up and had bloody diarrhea, which contributed for several days after we took her to the vet. She had to be on medication and prescribed a special type of food from her vet. I saw reports of people finding plastic pieces/black fibers in their dog food. I checked my dogs food and sure enough I found some. My dog has been fine since we stopped feeding her Pedigree food. We will never be buying Pedigree products again.

Other pet owners described visible changes to their dogs' appetite and activity level.

On Facebook, Samantha Tolliver wrote,

i decided to check my dogs food after seeing the posts about the wires and sure enough its in my dogs food. the only reason i even decided to check was because he has been eating less of his dog food and normally eats twice a day and now is down to a half a bowl. its either from these " wires" or the change in ingredients. so far nothing else is happening like others unfortunately have been dealing with but i will be switching.

Pedigree has been responding that, "after testing the affected kibble we determined these are naturally-occurring fibers from meat and bone meal, like pig hair.

Adding, "Pedigree is still completely safe for your dogs to enjoy."

The company is asking owners to call 1-800-525-5273 or send a message with their phone numbers who a member of the health team can learn more about why their pets are sick.

Lawsuit Filed against Bone Company

A California woman has filed a lawsuit against Dynamic Pet Products after her Bassett Hound died after chewing Real Ham Bone, a pre-cooked pork bone that the company sells.

Since 2008 the St. Louis Better Business Bureau has received 54 complaints about the company, some of which mentioned pets that died after eating the bones. Like in Pedigree's case, some pet owners complained directly to the company via social media.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration advises against giving dogs any kind of bones because they can splinter and break, putting the dog at risk of multiple health problems. Bone fragments can cause an intestinal blockage, get caught in a dog's throat, or cut their nose and mouth.

If pet owners choose to give their dogs bones -- cooked, precooked or raw -- pets should be closely supervised.