PayPal Checkout and Payment Procedure on eBay Altered

PayPal Checkout and Payment Procedure on eBay Altered
Image: Pexels

Whether you're an avid eBay shopper or just purchase the occasional item, you'll want to pay attention the next time you make an eBay purchase!

eBay and PayPal have altered the checkout/payment procedure. If you're not careful, you may end up making your payment before you are ready, or paying from a checking account that you didn't intend to. This could be a big problem if you don't have adequate funds in your selected account.

Previously, you would review your order and payment due on one page, then click to a second PayPal page where you could select your final payment method and 'confirm' your order information. Now, it all happens on one single page.

On the 'Confirm order' page you can still review your entire order. On the right you will see a green 'Confirm and pay' button. Once you click this button your order will be processed and charged. You will not be taken to a secondary page to finalize your payment.

If you wish to change to a secondary payment method before finalizing your purchase you have to do so by clicking on an inconspicuous small arrow in the PayPal box located below the green button.

Use a Credit Card If Possible

NCCC highly recommends that consumers use a credit card instead of a checking account when making purchases from eBay (or any online retailer) to take advantage of the additional forms of protection they have to offer.

Should something go wrong with your purchase, having used a credit card will make getting your money back a lot easier.

If you use your checking account to pay for your eBay purchase then you have to abide by PayPal rules. If you dispute a charge made through PayPal with your bank, PayPal could turn around and put limits on your account or even take legal action against you.

If you use a credit card to make your purchase then for some reason have to dispute the charge, PayPal has to abide by the decision your credit card company makes about whether or not to reverse the charge. They cannot limit your account in any way or go after you for it.