PDFs Allow Malware to Pass Email Spam Filters Undetected
Image: Pixabay

PDFs Allow Malware to Pass Email Spam Filters Undetected

September 15, 2015

That unknown ADP invoice in your inbox may be a vehicle for malware.

A release from Redtail is warning its customers that a malicious piece of spam has been hitting its servers. The emails look like an invoice from ADP that includes a PDF file. The PDF includes malware that can steal log in credentials for email and social media accounts.

The use of a real PDF helps the spam slip through filters and land, undetected, in email inboxes. The email appears with a subject of FW: Invoice_XXXXXXX or Past Due ADP Invoice. While the invoice number and sender are different, the email appears to be coming from an @sage.co.uk email address.

Just viewing the PDF can infect your computer. Older versions of Adobe Reader are more vulnerable than the newest versions.

Malware Found in Ads on Dating Site

Match.com users may have been exposed to malware found in the site's advertising. The popular dating site shut down advertising on its UK version following a report from research firm Malwarebytes.

The malware is capable of stealing personal information, sending spam emails and operating silently within their device. Visitors to the site were also at risk from ransomware, which will encrypt files on a user's computer. Users are then directed to a site that requires them to pay $500 to have their files decrypted.