Phony Tax Collector Scam is Making the Rounds, Warns North Carolina Attorney General

Phony Tax Collector Scam is Making the Rounds, Warns North Carolina Attorney General
Image: NCCC
November 9, 2015

The North Carolina Attorney General's Office has been flooded with calls reporting a scam involving fake U.S. Treasury officials.

In the past week, more than 500 people have reported fraudulent calls in which a phony treasury officials demanded that they pay taxes right away for face a lawsuit or arrest. Many of the reports came from eastern North Carolina.

In the most recent version of the tax collector call, the caller usually identifies himself as Steve Martin or David Gray, and many of the calls reported appear to come from the same number: 843-492-4165. The calls often begin with a pre-recorded message that you're asked to return. Sometimes the caller says there's an issue with your pension, and other times he says an action has been filed against you by the U.S. Treasury.

Anyone who calls to demand immediate payment for taxes is trying to rip you off. If you get a call like this, remember:

  • Government agencies will not threaten arrest if you don't pay taxes or fines immediately.
  • Real government employees will never demand immediate payment by credit card, bank account draft, pre-paid debit card or wire transfer.
  • Caller ID can be manipulated to make it appear the scammers are calling from the real IRS or a local number, even if they're located halfway around the world.
  • Never share personal information such as your Social Security Number or bank account number with anyone you don't know who contacts you, even if they claim to work with a government agency.

If you have been contacted by a phone scammer, report it to the North Carolina Attorney General's Office.