Recalled Portable Battery Packs from Brunton Outdoor Pose Fire Risk
Image: NCCC

Recalled Portable Battery Packs from Brunton Outdoor Pose Fire Risk

The product is responsible for incidents resulting in $25,000 in property damage and a burned down garage

April 20, 2016

An outdoor equipment company has announced a recall for defective battery packs.

Brunton Outdoor is recalling its Impel and Impel 2 rechargeable, portable battery packs, used to charge cell phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. The power packs' lithium ion polymer batteries can overheat during charging, posing a fire hazard. The recall includes about 1,000 packs.

The Impel battery came in a rubberized shell in dark gray with orange or blue and the Impel 2 in light gray with black trim. The battery packs can be plugged into an A/C wall outlet, a 12 volt car charger or an attachable solar panel for recharging. Brunton is embossed on the top of the battery pack, along with a power button and five LED lights.

Consumers could purchase these items at Adorama, Austin Canoe & Kayak, Moontrail, REI, The Clymb and other outdoor equipment retailers nationwide from February 2011 through May 2015 for about $300. The packs were also available at a variety of online outlets.

The company has received two reports of battery packs overheating and catching on fire. One incident resulted in about $25,000 of property damage, while the other involved a garage burning down with property and smoke damage to the adjacent residence. No injuries have been reported.

Customers in possession of the recalled item can contact the company for instructions to receive a full refund.

Consumers with questions about this recall can contact Brunton Outdoor at (800) 443-4871.