Purported Insulated House Wrap Marketer Charged with Making False Claims
Image: Pixabay

Purported Insulated House Wrap Marketer Charged with Making False Claims

Company claims of saving money are allegedly unsubstantiated

November 7, 2016

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is charging Innovative Designs with making false and unsubstantiated claims that its Insultex House Wrap product would save money for consumers by providing significant amounts of insulation without using up much space.

The agency alleges that the company claims that its thinner and less expensive house wrap has an R-3 insulation value, that its thick and more expensive wrap has an R-6 value, and that the R-values it advertised are based on valid scientific testing. The FTC claims that both products' R-values are significantly less than one and that the test results as well as a certificate publicized by Innovative have problems and are invalid.

R-value measures heat flow resistance. A higher total R-value means that the product has more insulating power and may lower heating and cooling costs. Building codes around the country require certain places within new houses to contain enough insulation to either meet or exceed specific R-values.

Insultex House Wrap, like all other house wrap, is meant to keep rain outside the exterior walls of a house but to let water vapor from inside the house to get out. The company differentiates itself from similar companies with its claims regarding R-values. It claims that its product is "THE ONLY HOUSE WRAP WITH AN R-VALUE" and that it reduces the costs of home energy and building costs in comparison with other house wraps. Innovative Designs is charged by the FTC with not providing proof of its claims that the alleged insulation value of its house wrap product saves money for consumers.

The agency also claims that the company gives brochures and other promotional material to builders, dealers, installers, and building supply stores including the same false claim, which those parties then pass on to the consumer. Innovative's products cost between $0.45 and $0.56 per square foot at retail. Similar widely-available house wraps not claiming an R-value cost between $0.06 and $0.24 per square foot.