Reports of Stuck Buckles Spur Evenflo Recall of 200,000 Infant Car Seats
Image: Pixabay

Reports of Stuck Buckles Spur Evenflo Recall of 200,000 Infant Car Seats

October 24, 2014

Reports of stuck buckles has spurred another car seat recall.

Evenflo is recalling more than 200,000 Embrace 35 two-piece, rear-facing infant car seats after complaints that the buckles were difficult to unlatch. This could happen as the buckles become clogged with dirt, food and drinks over time.

While the affected car seats were made between Dec. 1, 2011 and May 31, 2013, not all seats produced during this time are included in the recall. Specifically, the recall includes those made with the AmSafe QT1 buckle. The buckles have not been used since May 2013.

On its website, Evenflo wrote that the company issued the recall even though it received only a small number of complaints. Since the car seat continues to meet all federal safety requirements, "they can still be used to transport your child safely if you are not experiencing difficulty unlatching the buckle," wrote Evenflo.

Since most parents tend take their children out of the car while keeping them in the carrier, Evenflo wrote that, "This typical usage mode of the Embrace 35 virtually eliminates the need to unbuckle the harness in a potential emergency exit from the vehicle."

In April Evenflo recalled 1.2 million convertible and booster seats with AmSafe QT and QT3 harness buckles for similar issues. According to the NHTSA, Evenflo specifically left out the infant seats from the April recall.

Evenflo will notify all registered owners of the recalled car seats and provide them with a replacement buckle, free of charge.

Those who have not registered their car seat, or want to know if their model is included can call 1-800-490-7591 for more information.