Retail Customer Satisfaction Drops Despite Improvement for Online Shopping

Retail Customer Satisfaction Drops Despite Improvement for Online Shopping
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February 18, 2015

Among the home improvement chains, Lowe's (81) topped Menards (78), while Home Depot tumbled 4% to near the category's bottom at 76. Barnes & Noble (81), Bed Bath & Beyond (81) and PetSmart (80) all scored above the industry average.

Staples (79) is number one among office suppliers, and may soon be the only major player left in the field. Not long after Office Depot merged with OfficeMax, Staples is in the process of buying Office Depot (78). Best Buy and GameStop are below average at 77, while clothing retailers TJX (TJ Maxx, Marshalls) and Gap (Gap brands, Banana Republic, Old Navy) scored 78 and 75, respectively.


Supermarket customer satisfaction fell 2.6 percent in 2014 to an ACSI score of 76. Rising food prices played a major role – increasing 3.4 percent last year whereas the Consumer Price Index (CPI) went up just 0.8 percent.

Among the large supermarket chains, there is a shake-up at the top with Trader Joe's and Wegmans both entering the ACSI with a score of 85, tied for the lead. They supplant perennial number one Publix, which dropped 5 percent to tie ACSI newcomer H-E-B at 82. While customer satisfaction with Publix is still very strong, this is the first year that the chain is not on top among supermarkets.

Whole Foods, Target's grocery division, and ALDI all come in at 81, which is above the industry average.

Health & Personal Care Stores

Customer satisfaction with drug stores slipped 2.5 percent to an ACSI score of 77. The big three chains (CVS Caremark, Walgreens, Rite Aid) lag behind smaller drug stores, which top the category with a combined score of 81.

Among the big three, Rite Aid leaped 5 percent to a score of 78, while Walgreens inched up to meet the industry average of 80 and CVS Caremark dipped slightly below that marker (-1% to 75).