Scam Alert: magicJack Warns Users of Phishing Scam
Image: NCCC

Scam Alert: magicJack Warns Users of Phishing Scam

March 2, 2016

magicJack users should be on the lookout for fake support websites or individuals who are phishing for account information. The phone service provider sent an email to its subscribers Wednesday warning them of the phishing scheme.

Along with the warning, the company sent out a list of verified phone numbers and websites that should be used when customers want to contact the company. Any others should be considered scams.

"Please do not enter information in websites other than the official or domains," the company said in a statement. "Other websites sites may be misrepresenting themselves as magicJack and phishing for your account credentials."

The company reminded users that magicJack does not charge for customer care and agents do not ask for passwords. The only way to activate or renew services is through the websites or phone numbers listed within the email.

Users who believe that their magicJack account has been compromised should contact the company immediately. Users can also report suspicious activity by emailing