Shiny Substance in Baby Wipes Not Glass, Manufacturer Claims
Image: Pixabay

Shiny Substance in Baby Wipes Not Glass, Manufacturer Claims

August 31, 2015

An unfamiliar substance turning up in a line of infant care products is causing alarm on social media, but the manufacturer ensures consumers that there is nothing to worry about.

Earlier this month, a Florida mother posted a video of Huggies baby wipes that contain small, hard, shiny particles that many believe to be shards of glass. In response, parents are demanding a recall from parent company Kimberly-Clark, the Consumerist reports.

"I was really upset at first," the mom told First Coast News. "There was a really big hard piece on it. It honestly kind of looked like glue." She also claims that her children were complaining about irritated skin.

Since the original video was posted, many others have posted evidence of a similar problem. However, Kimberly-Clark maintains that the material is not glass, and is in fact completely harmless.

"In extremely rare occasions, the manufacturing process can cause tiny particles of microfiber to form on the wipe that can be felt, but do not present a safety risk," reads an official statement posted to the Kimberly-Clark website. "Based on the findings of the independent testing, we are confident that our product is safe."

As the company believes the wipes do not present any health risk, there are no plans for a recall.