Smartphone App in Development for Parking in Downtown Raleigh

Smartphone App in Development for Parking in Downtown Raleigh
Image: Pexels
August 15, 2014

Visitors to Downtown Raleigh could get a little parking help from a smartphone application that is in the works.

Earlier this month Raleigh City Councilors allocated $5,000 in seed money to get the app off the ground. The Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA) was tasked with finding the remaining funding, which will be about $30,000.

The concept of a downtown parking app won the 2013 NC DataPalooza and is created by a team of Raleigh residents. The same group assisted in the creation of a similar app for the North Hills Mall, which was developed by Oak City Apps.

If funding is a success, Oak City Apps will also develop the downtown parking app.

Users enter their desired destination and directions will be given to the nearest parking lot or parking deck. Once parked, the app will save the location and provide walking directions to the final destination.

By keeping track of how long the car has been parked, it will also provide a cost estimate for when the user leaves.

Additional features could include event information, road closures, daily specials and coupons.

The app is another way that governments and private businesses alike are using technology to make shopping, dining and visiting easier.

In 2011 the North Carolina parks system announced a Pocket Ranger app that provides park information, maps hiking trails and includes a built-in friend finder to keep track of family members.