Tea Pitchers Recalled Due to Threat of Broken, Leaking Glass

Tea Pitchers Recalled Due to Threat of Broken, Leaking Glass
Image: NCCC
July 23, 2015

Teavana is recalling certain models of its Tristan glass pitcher line in response to reports that the glass can break or leak when exposed to hot tea. About 52,000 pitchers are involved in the recall.

The 64 oz. Tristan glass pitcher is the affected model. It has a glass handle, stainless steel infuser and a lid and base that are made of flexible black silicone. The pitcher measures about 12 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter. The Teavana logo is printed on the bottom. Style #30593000064 and SKU#11034874 are printed on the pitcher's box.

Teavana, a subsidiary of Starbucks, has received 50 reports of the glass pitchers breaking or leaking, along with reports of three lacerations and two minor burns.

Pitchers were sold at Teavana stores throughout the nation from May 2012 through June 2015. The product retailed for about $50.

Consumers should stop using the product immediately and return them to a Teavana store (excluding Columbia, MD and Dallas-Fort Worth Airport locations). Teavana will provide a free replacement 66 ounce infusion tea pitcher plus a $25 gift card or a gift card for the purchase price plus tax.